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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wild Bill's 2010 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 9 & 10

Welcome back for picks 9 & 10 of my 2010 NFL 1st Round Mock Draft. It's a gorgeous Saturday, and I want to go outside and toss the pigskin, so lets get to it.

If you recall from several of the earlier picks, there was a nice little run on offensive tackles followed by a couple of safeties with the last two picks.

I believe that Buffalo has a very tough decision to make with Jimmy Clausen still on the board. Hopefully Buffalo can look at past results of teams throwing a rookie QB behind a subpar offensive line, and actually take a building block for their young, inexperienced line.

I think we'll see Jimmy Clausen take a tumble through the 1st round, a la Brady Quinn and Aaron Rodgers.

9.) Buffalo Bills - Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers

As recently as two months ago, Davis was considered one of the best OT's in this draft. Questions have arisen since then about his love for the game, his dedication, and whether or not he's got the drive to succeed in the league. His combine results weren't anything to rave over, and there were even some red flags at Rutger's Pro Day. He bounced back with a pretty good individual workout and some think it'll be enough to get him back into the top 1/2 of the 1st round.

My girlfriend's dad is a Buffalo Bills fan and we've had the 'pleasure' of sharing in our individual teams' miseries. I asked him who he'd like to see Buffalo draft and he said whoever will make the team better. He's not exactly thrilled at the idea of Clausen, but then again if he makes them better he'll be happy.

Moving on to Jacksonville at #10...

10.) Jacksonville Jaguars - Joe Haden, CB Florida

Joe Haden is considered the top CB in the draft and the most NFL ready CB. In a division with Vince Young, Matt Schaub and Peyton Manning, you'd better have top-tier DB's. If not you're going to continue to get torched. Joe Haden is an absolute steal at the #10 spot. Draft pundits say that he could go as early as #6 to Seattle.

There has also been some noise in the last week that Jacksonville might look at C.J. Spiller (RB) Clemson to add another offensive weapon.

The thinking behind this is that J-Ville wants to 'Fight Fire with Fire'. Instead of constantly trying to play catch-up with all the firepower in the AFC South by constantly improving their defense, they will say "screw-it" and try to match them point for point. They would essentially flip the script on their division and force them to improve their defensive gameplay.

Spiller would be used as a change-of-pace back to compliment Might Mouse - Maurice Jones Drew, and vastly improve the return game to offer their offense better field position.

When they're on the clock though, I ultimately think J-Ville will select the local Florida prospect. This would give the Jaguars a starting tandem of Joe Haden and Rasheen Mathis, with last year's 2nd round pick, Derek Cox as the nickel back (Not this one....).

I'll see you tomorrow for Denver's and Miami's picks.

Have a great weekend!

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