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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wild Bill's 2010 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 23 & 24

Welcome to the Weeeeeekend!!! We saw Cincy and The Spy-Gaters select yesterday, so let's get to Green Bay and Philly!

23.) Green Bay Packers - Charles Brown OL, USC

I discussed this pick with my girlfriend Lindsay, a rabid Cheese-head fan, and she wasn't too thrilled. Even though she SHOULD have tons of respect for OLineman (considering she's dating one...), she thinks it's a boring pick.

She really, really wants to be a member of Mr. Aaron Rodgers' neighborhood so needless to say, anything that will help keep him upright and healthy she's all for it.

The Packers know that they have one of the best, young QB's in the league and they want to do everything in their power to keep him healthy. Knowing that the Lions will probably draft this BEAST, they better draft some quality Olineman to protect Rodgers.

Moving to Philly...

24.) Philadelphia Eagles - Brandon Graham DE/OLB, Michigan

I really hope Philly has a chance to draft Graham. After the Cleveland/Philly trade last week I wish nothing but the best for Philly. They traded us 2 instant starters and for that, I thank you Philly.

Philly also just traded away Donovan McNabb, QB....maybe you've heard of him?....

They traded McNabb, let go of Westbrook (RB) and Andrews (OL), and several other players through trades. Philly has made it known that they're concentrating on a youth movement right now, getting younger across the board.

I'll be back on Sunday to go over Baltimore's and Arizona's picks.

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