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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wild Bill's 2010 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 15 & 16

Happy Tuesday all. Welcome back for the next two picks of my 2010 NFL Mock Draft.

Let's dive right in!

15.) New York Giants - Rolando McClain, ILB Alabama*

***(I decided to switch this pick because of the Denver/Miami trade today. I believe that Denver will now go with Dez Bryant (WR) Oklahoma State over Rolando McClain. I believe now that McClain is available New York will select him to take over the place of the departed Antonio Pierce, former (LB) for the Giants.)

There are some questions about his coverage abilities but this kid absolutely hammers ball carriers and he's very quick to diagnose plays. It's not fair for opposing ball carriers that somebody his size (6'4''/258 lbs) can move so damn fast....

On to the Music City...

The Titans lost Albert Haynesworth to FA last year and then they lost DE Kyle Vandenbosch to FA this year.

JPP is being considered as the prospect with the highest upside along the Dlineman prospects. His athleticism is simply jaw-dropping; check this out and tell me how many people his size can do this?!

Some scouts have compared Jason Pierre-Paul with Jevon Kearse, a.ka. - THE FREAK! Kearse was drafted with the 16th pick of the 1st Round in the 1999 draft further feeding the comparisons. JPP wore #90 in college and Jevon Kearse wore #90 when we entered the league.....hmmm....

I really respect Jeff Fisher as a coach (must have something to do with the Flavor-Saver), and I hope that if they do select JPP, he'll bring all his athleticism and play-making ability to the Titans and give them flashbacks to the type of play Jevon once showcased.

Since we spoke about 2 Dlineman today I would like for all of you to check out a couple of things about the most animated Dlineman in the NFL today. Here's his sight:http://www.jaredallen69inc.com/. Here are several AMAZING videos: 1.), 2.) and 3.).

Jared Allen absolutely loves the opportunity he has playing in the NFL. It would be one thing if he was a show-off trying to grab attention, but that's NOT the case with Allen. He's an absolute beast and he simply TERRORIZES QB's on Gamedays. Please respect and cherish the Mullet.

That's it for today gang. I'll be back tomorrow to go over San Francisco's 2nd 1st Round pick, the one they picked up from the Carolina Panthers and we'll also discuss Pittsburgh's 1st Round pick. I really hope Goddell is tearing Ben a new one as we speak.....

*According to my updated picks with Denver now selecting Dez Bryant and New York selecting Rolando McClain, Derrick Morgan will be available for Tennessee but I believe they'll still stick with Jason Pierre-Paul.

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