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Monday, April 12, 2010

Wild Bill's 2010 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 13 & 14

Hopefully everybody had a good weekend with the gorgeous weather we had in and around central Ohio.

Big Trade over the weekend that saw Santonio Holmes (WR) Pittsburgh get traded to the New York Jets for ONLY a 5th Round Draft Pick.

I would like to go into the detail of this trade, but I'm going to concentrate on the draft. (I think it had a WHOLE LOT to do with $ because this is the last year of Santonio's contract, along with the fact that he SUPPOSEDLY got into an altercation with a female.)

I think the trade definitely effects the draft but not until we get into later rounds for both of the respective teams. On 4/14 I will have the Steelers selecting an O-Lineman and I don't believe my thinking will change over the next two days.

13.) San Francisco 49ers - C.J. Spiller RB, Clemson

I've had quite a hard time deciding on this pick, particularly since I've discussed it several times a week the past few months with my youngest brother who is a GINORMOUS San Francisco 49ers fan...no seriously, my brother BEN is HUGE!!!

He didn't initially want to even hear about C.J. Spiller joining the 49ers because of his Man-crush on Frank Gore. After discussing the inevitable trend of 2-back platoons and the fact that C.J. Spiller would help extend Gore's career...he's warmed up to the fact, especially once he saw how Spiller can also help on special teams. Seriously....7 career return TD's - owns the FBS record.

I think that Mike Singletary could also opt for help on the defense with someone like Sergio Kindle or Derrick Morgan if they decide that C.J. Spiller isn't the right pick. I don't know about you but I don't think THIS MAN needs too much help! (I think I heard that Brad Smith just started eating solid foods again last week....)

I don't think that Singletary and Co. will take the route of drafting a QB, especially another one from Notre Dame even though the last one worked out pretty well for them.

It all depends on how much faith they have in Alex Smith who had a career revival last year with the emergence of Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis. Throw in the Lighting of C.J. Spiller to compliment the Thunder of Gore and now the 49ers are the definitive team to beat in the NFC West.

14.) Seattle Seahawks - Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame
                                         (I know, I know...here's a better link)

My guess is that Jimmy's skid stops here with Seattle.  Pete Carroll and Jimmy have a history together

I think that Pete Carroll, despite the recent acquisition of Charlie Whitehurst will look at this pick and realize the value at this spot in the draft. Whitehurst has had some decent Pre-season action, Matt Hasselbeck is a sack away from THIS, so it makes sense to bring in a young QB especially one that played in a pro-style offense in college.

The Seahawks have plenty of holes to fill on both sides of the ball especially along the offensive and defensive lines even though they did address the offensive line with the pick of Bryan Bulaga with the #6 pick earlier in the 1st Round.

I think Pete Carroll will utter a profanity-laced diatribe against Singletary and the 49ers once Goodell reads the Spiller pick for pick 13 but Carroll will have a chance to possibly grab his speedy RB with one of his USC backs, Joe McKnight in round 3 or 4.

If they do pass on Clausen I'd expect the Seahawks to go with Derrick Morgan (DE/OLB) Wake Forest or Sergio Kindle (DE/OLB ) Texas with this pick. Everson Griffen (DE/OLB) USC could be a possibility too if Carroll wants to go with one of his former players this early in his first draft as the new Head Coach of the Seahawks.

*This is an exclusive video of Jimmy Clausen as a youngster, enjoy!

I'll be back tomorrow to go over the Giant's and Titan's picks.

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