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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wild Bill's 2010 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 29 & 30

2 days and counting...Let's wrap up picks 29 and 30 today.

29.) New York Jets - Jared Odrick, DL Penn State

The 2009 Rex Ryan led Jets took the league by storm, surpassing everyone's expectations.

The team mimicked their head coaches swagger and gritty determination in route to an amazing season, capped off by an AFC Championship game appearance.

The defense in particular was an absolute nightmare for opposing offenses. Led by Darelle Revis, ALL GALAXY (CB), the defense gave teams fits all season long. The defensive line is the oldest unit on the team though and could look to benefit from an influx of youth.

Vernon Gholston (DE/OLB) was drafted in the 1st Round of the 2008 draft and has been a complete bust so far. He was supposed to help the pass rush and be used in rotation along the Dline

Odrick is being described as a perfect fit to play the '5' technique in a 3-4 defense. A '5' technique lines up over the offensive tackle and 'consumes bodies' so to speak. They need to be disruptive enough to garner help from either a TE, OG or RB, but they also have to make sure they help keep bodies off of the LB's behind them.

Odrick has supposedly caught the eyes of several other 3-4 teams so there's a good chance he won't be available this late in the 1st Round. If he is though, Rex Ryan should quite a bit of fun using Odrick in his schemes.

Moving to Minnesooooooota...

30.) Minnesota Vikings - Kareem Jackson, DB Alabama

Minnesota fans suffered another heart-breaking playoff loss in the 2010 NFL Championship game. Brett Favre threw an absolutely crushing interception at the end of the 4th Quarter which took the Vikings out of field goal range and knocked them out of the playoffs.

During the season Minnesota was playing great football. They had some injuries on the defensive side of the ball, primarily at the LB and DB spots. Minnesota will probably look to add a talented CB in the 1st Round of the draft.

Devin McCourty (DB), Patrick Robinson (DB), or Kareem Jackson are all possibilities. I will give the edge to Jackson because of his familiarity to the type of zone-defense that the Minnesota secondary favors.

Jackson doesn't have top-end speed, but he isn't afraid of contact and will surprise people with his tackling ability.

I wouldn't be surprised if Minnesota grabs Daryl Washington (4-3 LB) TCU or perhaps a (DL) like either Brian Price/UCLA, Tyson Alualu/Cal or Linval Joseph/East Carolina.

The obvious statement that the Williams-Wall isn't getting any younger has been uttered before, but it's the truth. Pat Williams hinted at retirement during last season so more than likely the 2010 campaign will be his last. Minnesota would be wise to add a body to the DT rotation sooner than later.

The last two picks will be displayed tomorrow as we cover the AFC Champion Indianapolis Colts and the Super Bowl Winning New Orleans Saints.

Have a good Tuesday!

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