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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wild Bill's 2010 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 27 & 28

I hope nobody is having a case of the 'Mondays'... With only 3 days left until the draft let's get down to it.

27.) Dallas Cowboys - Taylor Mays, S USC

Dallas has needs at offensive line and defensive secondary and most critics are predicting that Dallas will take the best OT available.

For those of you who watched the playoffs, you probably remember that once Flozell Adams (Left OT) left the Minnesota game with an injury - all HELL broke loose for the Cowboys. The Cowboys waived Adams this past off season so it's very obvious that they're looking for his replacement sooner than later. 

Taylor Mays was labeled as a Top-10 pick if he would have entered last years draft but he decided to come back his senior year...Big Mistake. Many of his weaknesses have been exposed this past season.

It helped that 4 linebackers that played on 2008's USC team get drafted that year; 3 in the first 2 rounds. I bring this up because Mays was exposed this past season as more was required of him throughout the season and he didn't exactly live up to his billing.

Those are the major knocks on him along with his penchant for MONSTER hits which sometimes leads to bad tackling angles and missed tackles. 

On the flip side, this kid is a freakish athlete. Let me give you a quick stat line: 230 lbs, 6' 3'', benched 225 lbs 24 times, and oh yeah - he ran a 4.24 40-yard dash!! It was later changed to a 4.3; I'll let you decide for yourself.... 

Jerry Jones has been burnt in the past with other safeties, most notably Roy Williams and Ken Hamlin. Mays could be an absolute stud or end up as a complete bust. I think if he's still on the board, Jerry Jones will quickly pull the trigger on him.

On to the Chargers...

28.) Sand Diego Chargers - Ryan Mathews, RB Fresno State

The Chargers are one of the only teams that could realistically draft a 1st round RB. LaDainian Tomlinson, guaranteed 1st ballot HOF'er, was let go after last season and just recently signed with the New York Jets. This leave the Chargers with the diminutive but electrifying Darren Sproles and Jacob Hester as the only RB's on the roster.

The Chargers will be tempted to draft Mt. Cody from Alabama with this pick to plug-in at NT or DLineman Jared Odrick from Penn State. They already have one of the best offenses in the NFL but it can't ever hurt to add more weapons. Even with the combination of Sproles and Hester, nobody really believes they could carry the load for the entire season.

Matthews is a bigger back and he's got game-changing ability. He's not as explosive as fellow 1st Round RB C.J. Spiller, but Matthews has the build to be a 15-20 carry-a-game back. Matthews has above average receiving ability out of the backfield as well which can get him on the field sooner. One of the biggest knocks on Matthews is his injury history; he's been dinged up a couple of times which has led to some missed time.

Come back tomorrow for the Jet's and Viking's picks.

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