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Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 NFL Draft: Things that could happen

Draft Day is FINALLY here!!!!!!!!

For me, Draft day should be a National Holiday. I throw Draft Day into the same category as Xmas and my Birthday. You ask 'How can you compare Draft Day to Xmas?!', and I respond by saying that I'm surrounded by loved ones on both days.

One of my two brothers will be joining me on this festive occasion. He's as die-hard about the NFL and the Draft as I am. As a 49er fan though he's not too happy with all the Clausen to San Fran rumors. Somehow he ended up as a Michigan fan, so naturally he's not going to like any Golden-Domers. He is excited that Taylor Mays is rumored to be a consideration with their number 17 pick.

Other things to watch out for during tonight's draft:

Teams most likely to move down:
  • Kansas City
  • Cleveland
  • Jacksonville
  • Miami
  • Detroit
Teams most likely to move up:
  • Philadelphia
  • Dallas
  • San Francisco
  • Washington
  • New England
Big trade buzz:
  • Albert Haynesworth (DL) Washington, possibly included as a package to the St.Louis Rams so Shanahan can draft Sam Bradford (QB) Oklahoma. The primary reasoning behind this rumor has to do with the fact that with the addition of Donovan McNabb, the Redskins probably won't be in position to draft a young QB in the next few drafts. They'll probably be around the .500 mark which would slot them somewhere in the middle teens in the next few drafts. To add more fuel to this fire, Jared Gaither (OT) Baltimore is said to be available for a 2nd Round pick. He's a top-tier Left Tackle available for teams that might miss out on the top tackles of this draft. Baltimore is only interested in paying one tackle big money and that's last year's 1st Round Pick - Michael "Blindside" Oher. (Oh wait, wrong movie...same actor/actress, just wrong film!! HAHAHA!!)
  • There has also been buzz around Haynesworth reuniting with his former D-Coordinator, Jim Schwartz, now the head-coach of Detroit. This would allow Detroit the freedom to grab a Top Offensive tackle to protect Matt Stafford's blindside.
  • Philadelphia has a cache of draft picks in the first couple of rounds and the belief is they have their eye on Earl Thomas (DB) Texas. Teams sitting in the 9-14 range are hoping for a call from Philly.
  • It's no secret that Green Bay is looking to add a top-tier offensive tackle in this draft. At their current spot though, none of those players will be available which would only leave the 2nd tier tackles. San Fran could be an willing partner for GB.
  • 'The QB from the Panhandle State that will not be named' has decided to not attend the Live Draft tonight. Rumors have him being selected in the 1st Round, others to the 2nd Round. You can bet your bottom dollar that if you're not already sick of hearing his name, you will be within the first hour of pre-draft coverage.
  • Fat Ben and Oakland. Oakland is said to be the ONLY willing trade partner with Pittsburgh. The problem is - Oakland doesn't want to include their 1st Round, number 8 pick in the deal. On the flip side, Pittsburgh doesn't want to include their 1st Round, number 18 pick in any deal. Cryptkeeper vs. US ambassador to Ireland....who will win?! This situation has the potential to flip this whole draft upside down.
  • KC and Cleveland are said to be the 'Turning Points' of this draft because they both have so many different ways they could go. They will hold the keys to the entire draft unless something crazy happens between picks 1-4.

  • Taylor Mays could slip into the 2nd Round. Much like All World Linebacker James Laurinaitis in last year's draft, Mays elected to fore go the draft after his Junior year and stayed in school for his senior season. Laurinaitis was projected as a top-10 pick in the NFL draft after his junior year, just as Mays was projected to be a top-10 pick in last year's draft if he would have entered. Laurinaitis had a solid senior year, like Mays this year, but ended up sliding into the 2nd Round of the 2009 NFL draft. Mays is on an almost identical path for this year's draft. If Mays doesn't get selected tonight, there will be teams doing everything they can to move up to the top of the 2nd Round to select this athletic freak.
Enjoy tonight!!

-Wild Bill Out!!

NARRATIVE - Wild Bill exits as a cadence of chants - "ERIC.....ERIC......ERIC" and "COLT....COLT....COLT" are heard in the surrounding states of Ohio......

Cleveland Fans know what they want! Get it taken care of Holmgren!

BallHype: hype it up!

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